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Name:Joanne and Michael  Date: 9/3/2013 8:00:02 PM
e-mail: Country: Canada
My husband and I met Scott and Linda over 2 years ago when my Brother-in-law had purchased a side table from Branching Out. My husband and I fell in love with Branching Out's work of art. We are creating an Adirondack room in our basement and we are purchasing pieces from Branching Out! We absolutely love the work Scott does. Each piece is a masterpiece and this works for us! We love to hear about how the piece is made and where the wood comes from. One day our Adirondack room will be completed and we will enjoy having many of Branching Out's art. We have told many people of the work of art Scott does and we are thrilled to know you Scott and Linda! Thank you! From your friendly Canadians; Michael and Joanne
Name:Jim, Maria and Thomas  Date: 9/20/2012 12:20:58 AM
e-mail: orndorffjp@aol.com Country: USA
We met Scott and his family a few years ago in Indian Lake,NY.First was an ADK mirror.Then an antler chandalier.This year is a great cherry/birch rustic coffee table.We enjoy having his works in our home.If you like rustic stuff that's well-crafted and reasonably priced when compared to others, you'll like Branching Out.
Name:Cindy Strate  Date: 11/15/2004 6:06:13 PM
e-mail: fourb2flsh@aol.com Country: USA.
I first purchased a set of end tables from Scott. I was so impressed by his work and his love of wood working that I asked him to make two custom pieces. They are so wonderful that my builder and his crew have taken the utmost care with installing them.I look forward to adding more of Scott's pieces to my home as time passes
Name:Linda Dean  Date: 8/21/2004 3:58:00 PM
e-mail: lab12649@yahoo.com Country: USA
We have several of your creations in our home and enjoy the fine craftsmanship and artistic beauty of them. The furniture and paintings bring a touch of the adirondaks to our Massachusetts home. Thank you for your dedication to this wonderful craft!
Name:steven barnes  Date: 7/2/2004 8:20:37 PM
e-mail: JSRRBarnes Country: USA
i am looking forward to the keene show very nice stuff
Name:Kurt Brannigan  Date: 6/3/2004 11:37:46 AM
e-mail: brannig_kurt@bentley.edu Country: United States
Unbelievable antler chandeliers, mirrors, tables.... What's next?
Name:Mike Gebhard  Date: 4/29/2004 8:21:51 PM
e-mail: mvgebhard@direcway.com Country: USA
Most impressive! Now...why didnt u discover all this sooner - my apt would have looked nice with a couple of those pieces! Hope to visit sometime this summer - will def be by!
Name:Howard Carron  Date: 4/25/2004 9:59:33 AM
e-mail: hcarron@localnet,com Country: USA
Great website and fantastic work. Sure that it will work well for you. Good luck.

Name:Florence Jaedike  Date: 3/16/2004 7:32:01 PM
e-mail: Country: United States
I love your creations!

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