Scottytunes French Irish Scottish Vermont fiddle music by Vermont Fiddler Scott Campbell

The Rising Fiddler

Scott has developed and recorded a series of fiddle lessons and put them out on CD's. Each volume contains three tunes. On the CD, you will generally hear Scott play the tune at normal speed so that you can get accustomed to how the tune should sound, then he slows it way down and goes through it a section at a time with you so that you can learn the tunes one phrase at a time. Many beginner and intermediate fiddlers have had tremendous success with the use of this new, innovative teaching technique. These lessons are available at your fingertips to use at your convenience, over and over again. The average half hour lesson can cost you up to $30. With the Rising Fiddler series, you get three lessons for only $10!

Volume I

This CD-R contains:

1. Ragtime Annie (D)

2. Soldier's Joy (D)

3. Black Velvet Waltz (C)

Volume II

This CD-R contains:

1. St. Anne's Reel (D)

2. Debbie's Waltz (D)

3. Snow Deer (D)

Volume III

This CD-R contains:

1. She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain (G)

2. Fisher's Hornpipe (D)

3. St. George's Jig (G/D)


This CD-R contains:

1. Royal Princess Two Step (D)

2. East York Jig (D)

3. Marching Through Georgia (G)

Volume V

This CD-R contains:

1. Maple Sugar (A/D)

2. Red Wing (G)

3. Silver & Gold (D)


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